Superfoods: Why Every Artist Should Eat Chocolate



Here are 3 reasons why every Artist should be eating chocolate on a daily basis - the real kind!

Cacao is a sacred medicine that should be honored and used in its purest form if you’d like to reap the amazing benefits!  

Above we have photographed: cacao butter, powder, nibs and a pressed chocolate bar.  All of these forms are pure: raw and unprocessed. *

 Cacao is packed with the bliss molecule, AKA anandamide and Magnesium! These chemicals are essential for brain function, mood balancing, and physical relaxation! 

Cacao is LOADEDDDDD with antioxidants, especially ones that protect and serve our hearts with proper blood flow! It has been proven that no heart drug out there can even come close to the magic of cacao. With an open heart we maintain mental clarity, ruling out judgement of self or others - very therapeutic to an artists sensitive/jumbled mind! 

Cacao is an aphrodisiac. ;) Passion is flowing, fire burning, heart opening, hormones balancing, feeling the euphoric fantasy of being able to do ANYTHING with your life! What artist doesn’t want enhanced creativity? 

Adding a daily dose of chocolate to your diet will keep you in alignment with your higher self. This is a powerful, yet gentle guide that everyone, especially empowered artists, should have regularly. For centuries people have been coming together in ceremonies to ingest the cacao and honor it’s medicine. 

If you believe in world peace and raising the earths vibration, along with your own then do not hesitate! Get some beautiful raw chocolate into your life now! 
PS, there are TONS of scientific and spiritual articles about cacao out there and we encourage you to research away!!