Wanna Whole Lotta Love


Oh, wow, you've made it.. - How exciting!

Here at On The Sides we believe in a whole life experience: 

  • a whole lotta music
  • a whole lotta healthy living tips
  • a whole lotta holistic life practices
  • a whole lotta interesting content
  • a whole lotta cool events
  • a whole lotta awesome merch
  • a whole lotta good vibes      

Meaning, A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE (also a great Led Zeppelin song...)

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Together we can go on the greatest journey: Bridging a High Vibe lifestyle with the Music Business. Keeping everything fair trade, eco-conscious and groooOOoOoOOooo00oooo00oo0o0vvvyyy!
Essentially, we are crossing boundaries with love and recreating a world where our ears hear more than whats played on the radio. Think we can make mainstream music cool again? We do. 

You may be sitting there thinking "that is a big claim.". 
Well, you're right, it is! But, we won't be able to do this without YOU!
You're all we've got!  We know that you're so ready to explore an interactive music world that does not tolerate the toxic program we've all been force fed! Where did all the raw and authentic creativity go? Some of our kids don't even know what a real drum set sounds like! Our modern day "divas" beautiful voices and soul power is apparently not enough anymore!
We have to watch men and women exploit themselves in order to get views and sales. We wonder if this is what they truly wanted at the start of their careers.
The future of ourselves and artists is in your hands!

As artists we want to nourish our creativity.
The same way our bodies need whole foods and nutrients, we must feed our minds and souls.
We believe the Earth's habitants are evolving in consciousness to a higher vibrational way of living. On The Sides Records is a place that nurtures this belief and can be called an ally to you on this journey. This is a safe place, we hold no judgement and share the joy of acceptance.

credit: mamasandoils.com

credit: mamasandoils.com

We are so honored that you are here, right now, at the very beginning of the road!
So, come hang out!
Wanna do some yoga & meditation? - Keep your eyes peeled on upcoming events & classes.
Wanna hear some dope original tunes? - Scope our Artists page!
Wanna book your event, club, restaurant, etc? - Get wise on our booking services under the About tab.
Wanna learn about superfoods, astrology, music history, or what we've been up to? - Whole Lotta Love blog has got it all!
Wanna shop for some awesome music, merch, crystals, jewelry and Mike's famous hot sauce?! - Ya one stop SHOP has got it, honey!
Wanna record that EP or LP you've been dying to create? - Visit our Contact page, send us an email, we have over 30 years of professional producing and recording experience!
And -  Stay tuned for much more!
We have a lot planned out for you!
Some examples: Master Classes (music), Artist Wellness packages, Live Shows sponsored by On The Sides...YouTube, etc. We don't wanna give all our goodies away just yet! ;)

Love, a whole lotta it!
- On The Sides

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