Brush On Kool - Hot Sauce

Brush On Kool - Hot Sauce


Brush On Kool famous musicians hot sauce, made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives!

”Brush On Kool, don’t be fooled - it’s not only hot. Love you later, lots of flavour. No mild, no medium, just hot!”

Brush on Kool has made a name for itself amongst working musicians in the community for the past 20 years. Everyone is always begging to get their hands on a jar - so here it is! Finally, available for purchase online!
Each jar is made with love by Mike Siracusa of On The Sides Records.

Please read our amazing testimonials below.

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"Legitimately my favourite hot sauce and breakfast is not the same without it. Right balance of everything. Big fan of the thicker texture it has. 10/10 would recommend..." - Michael Murray

"The only hot sauce I actually crave." - Leonardo Valvassori

"We put it on our toothpaste." - Jackie Vian

"Love it more than life itself..." - Richard Imbrogno

"It cures the common cold!!!" - Sil Simone

"That batch I tried last summer was bad ass. Killed me, in a good way." - Will Jarvis

Smooth hot. Flavorful, rich texture, good for your colon. Pretty sure it rivals lsd." - Aaron Little

"This sauce is so dang good, it put me in contact with my ancestors. Don't ask why, just try it!!!" - Johnny Nixon

"Definitely a top notch hot sauce, the perfect blend of flavours spice and hotness!
You must try Mike's formula for yourself, if you like hot sauces you will love this one for sure!" - Michael Massaro

"This sauce is exquisitely flavoured with an attitude to match...I love it!" - Ted Quinlan

"This "Brush On Kool" hot sauce is really special. I've never felt that any other hot sauce came close. Flavour, consistency and full effect. Top to bottom, this sauce really kicks!!! Can't wait to get some more, Mike." - Anthony Michelli

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