Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healing Practitioner and Co Founder of On The Sides Records.

 For eons Sunny has been a spark in the universe, travelling from body to body, experiencing karma from many cosmic sectors in preparation for Earth’s current transit into a higher vibrational consciousness. Her biggest passion in life is writing, creating and performing which she discovered through listening to Elvis Presley at the tender age of 5. Sunny has always been connected to her intuition which has granted strength and compassion birthed by early life challenges. Working with crystals was the turning point in which Sunny realized that her passion for music and spirituality were intertwined. It is her belief that crystals are keepers of divine energy that can enhance our healing journey and inspire personal growth.

 Through her healing work Sunny channels the magic and wisdom of the Mediterranean combined with the cosmos. She feels that Mediterranean culture is rich with sacred knowledge passed down by Ancient Star People and devotes her life to accessing these gifts. For now, Sunny lives in Toronto, Ontario - writing and preparing for a lifelong journey full of good music, good people and good food!

Crystal Meditation workshop and Sound Bliss Meditations are offered through On The Sides Records. For private Reiki sessions with Sunny please visit our contact page for booking.


Meg Moonbeam

Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Reiki Practitioner, Moving Mandala Shamanic Practitioner and Co Founder of On The Sides Records.

Meg has felt an intense passion for both music and spirituality since she was a child.  Her life purpose as a self proclaimed “rock and roll priestess”  had her feel a calling to be a musician since a young age. She joined her first band at 13 and has been writing and performing songs ever since. In her teenage years she became conscious of her spiritual gifts. She started studying and practicing shamanism, energy/sound healing, meditation and more. Meg has traveled her whole life coming from a family of explorers. Meg has studied music and spirituality in places such as Guatemala, Ireland, England, Egypt, Thailand, India, Hawaii and Sedona. Meg was given the spirit name “Moon Wing Wind Woman” by her spiritual teacher, Lori Folkins. She resides in Toronto, Canada.

Sound Bliss Meditations, An Evening of Kirtan and Chocolate and Spirit Drumming are offered through On The Sides Records. For private Intuitive Sound Reiki sessions with Meg please visit our contact page for booking.

Carolyn Reynolds

Professional Astrologer, Author

Carolyn Reynolds has been a professional astrologer for more than 40 years internationally and counsels a number of West Coast movers and shakers. Carolyn offers private astrology readings via Skype and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Carolyn is also an author and has published many books including: “ The Book of Lovers”, “Astrology on the Job” and “Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs”. She is currently working on her next book titled “Starmates”. Carolyn has been featured on many radio and television programs including “The Other Side” and “Unsolved Mysteries”.

To book a private astrology reading with Carolyn please visit our contact page for booking. 


Jess Macedo

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, certified Yoga Instructor and Artist

Since she was a child, Jess’ intuitive abilities have naturally guided her towards spiritual practices and alternative healing methods. She feels that her life purpose is to bring healing light and love to the world. Jess takes an empathetic approach when it comes to working with clients, adding an emphasis on identifying, addressing and working through current blockages. During Yoga classes or private Reiki sessions, Jess uses Pranayama techniques to align your chakras - allowing body, mind and spirit to remain balanced, relieving stress. Jess’ fun, and big hearted nature creates a relaxing environment, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a holistic lifestyle.


Sarah Davis

Certified Yoga Instructor, Psychology BA and Behavioural Sciences PGDip

Sarah’s Yoga journey started many years ago with a VHS tape in her parent’s basement.  She delved further with a regular practice during university and began to realize the myriad of benefits the practice holds.   During a Yoga retreat in India she realized she too wanted to share Yoga with others.  After completing teacher training with Barb Leese she volunteered, teaching Yoga to individuals with developmental disabilities and also taught at a wonderful studio called Yoga City.  She continues her own personal practice and looks forward to sharing the gift of Yoga with you!