An Evening of Kirtan & Chocolate

with Meg Moonbeam


Join Meg and friends for this fun, feel good and yummy practice!

With roots in the Ancient Indian Vedic tradition, a Kirtan is chanting in a call-and-response style in devotion to one’s spirituality. We will be chanting songs from many different cultures that are ancient and modern (Shamanic, Hindu, Native American, Celtic and more). Kirtan is a form of healing, meditation and spiritual upliftment. Chanting is a practice that has been done since ancient times by all our ancestors.

You are welcome to bring your own hand drums and small percussive instruments. This evening is Family friendly and no singing experience is required. Music and particularly singing brings us all together as it is the universal language of our planet. It is healing and uplifting for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Participants can either be sitting or lying down for this. (Recommended also that you wear comfortable clothing.)

We will also be serving warm Raw Cacao drink during the class. Raw cacao or better known in western world "chocolate" is a sacred medicine used to open our hearts and energy to align with unconditional love. Referred to by the Mayans as "The food of the Gods"! 

Common Benefits of Kirtan & Chocolate:
- Reduces anxiety/ depression
- Connects one to their inner knowing/ higher self/ spirit
- Boosts immunity
- It is empowering