Credit: Traditional Native Healing

Credit: Traditional Native Healing

Intuitive Sound Reiki

$50 - 1 hour session

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Since 2013 Meg has been offering Intuitive Sound Reiki sessions in the Greater Toronto Area. This unique service is a blend of her studies in traditional Usui/ Karuna Reiki and shamanic sound healing.

Reiki is an Ancient hands-on holistic practice of healing and relaxation. As a Reiki Practitioner, Meg channels life force energy also known popularly as “chi” for the benefit of the client. One's proper flow of Chi allows the body to heal itself on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

During a session, Meg is channeling Reiki the entire time while also using sound healing methods. Sound healing is combined with the Reiki to amplify the energy, while the relaxing sounds make it easier for the client to go on an inner journey of peace and rejuvenation. The client is lying down comfortably on a healing table that is surrounded by sound healing instruments Meg plays, such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum, chimes and gongs. Meg also    incorporates intuitive vocal toning.

Intuitive Sound Reiki is a loving, comforting and feel good type of private session. Meg's intention as the practitioner is to hold a sacred space for you to experience and recieve what is meant for you in the present moment-for your highest good.

Benefits of Intuitive Sound Reiki:

  • Releases Stress/deep relaxation

  • Boosts immunity

  • Increases creativity

  • improved sleep

  • Assists in creating a balanced chakra system/auric field

  • Strengthens connection to higher self/spirituality

  • And more!