Crystal Meditation Workshop

with Sunny Di Francesco

This is a course designed for beginners and seasoned crystal healers. The purpose of the Crystal Meditation is for you to learn how to experience the energy of these amazing gems and how they work for you & others. Crystals are our helpers and keepers of divine energy - in this course you will learn how to hear, see, feel and know the wisdom they have to share with you.

Crystal Meditation is an interactive course where you will be guided through the magic of working with crystals. Your own personal reference book will be created by Sunny and YOU! Each month Sunny will intuitively choose and provide a crystal for us to learn from and work with. We will then participate in meditation guided by the crystal, channeled by Sunny. You will keep the crystal to continue your work with it and add it to your collection!

Benefits of Crystal Meditation:

  • Heightened positive vibration

  • Deeper Understanding of elemental kingdom which includes crystals, plants, animals

  • Increased syncronicity in one’s life, guiding you to your life’s purpose

  • Strengthening manifestation ability

  • Personal growth through self awareness