Credit: Energy Muse

Credit: Energy Muse

Crystal Grid - Aura Cleanse

$80 - 1 hour session
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You are invited to take a bath… an energy bath! Sunny is a Reiki practitioner who loves to work closely with the healing energy of crystals, so why not combine each practice?

 A beautiful crystal grid is created on the ground around the client, or underneath a healing table. (sessions may vary due to client preferences, location and Sunny’s intuition.) The grid will be made up of crystals that assist with specific goals or that each have common healing properties. Eg: Clearing Toxic/Negative Energy - tourmaline, obsidian, clear quartz, selenite, onyx. Relaxation - amethyst, celestite, angelite, rose quartz, jade, amazonite. As you lay in such euphoric energy, Sunny will proceed to channel Reiki and begin to scan your auric field. She uses clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling) to guide her through the affected areas within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The state of our aura's can tell the story about our personal health, what we are working towards, what no longer serves us, and what we need in order to feel balanced. Every person is at different stages in their lives, and although many times there will be a release of negative energy, remembering that each session is conducted with positive energy flow and letting go of fear will allow the healing to take place. Sunny is very compassionate when it comes to “bathing” your energy field and may pick up on colours of the aura, how wide the aura is being extended, energy being giving to hurtful places, the stagnant energy being held within the aura, and which chakras need to be worked on. Hands will only be placed on the client if Sunny feels there is a specific area that needs attention and care.

Additional crystals will be chosen and placed on the client (with permission). Crystals hold space and are attuned to the intention of the session - this spiritual phenomenon enables an energetic cleansing to occur in the space they are in and directed into specific areas of our bodies (ie: chakras, wounds, illnesses, physical ailments, etc.) The purpose of the Crystal Grid/Aura Cleanse is to nourish your aura so that you can leave feeling refreshed, renewed and reborn!